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New Systems Ethic, Inc. (NSE) is built for leaders with the counsel and insights of leaders. We are in a state-of-readiness to connect and perform diagnostics in fast-changing conditions or for long-term reforms and problem-solving.

NSE’s subject expertise includes: talent delivery systems; community partnerships; fiduciary engagement; policy; regional collaboratives; inclusive economic development; corporate social responsibility and strategic philanthropy; higher education; healthy communities; and non-profit reform.

We respect the unique character of the enterprise, community or industry; and hold ourselves accountable for listening and assessing situations as a third party. We engage with leaders “where they are” and help reveal pathways for reform, action and success for where they want to be.

Advancing with Clarity and Confidence

We explore the NEW with discipline, data and scenarios.

We confront SYSTEMS from the human perspective … and understand they are never neutral when it comes to impact and outcomes.

We embrace the ETHIC of the power of consensus, intentionality and human dignity.

NSE provides the right platforms to build on consensus and collective intent in the forms: of Enterprise Goals modeling, milestone management, program offices, and integrated communications. NSE balances the need for exploration and customization with the ability to leap to promising models and practices.

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